Customized Name Printed Money Envelopes - our story was started in 2018 before Eid Season. I was looking for a place from where i could order my personalized name printed money envelopes for giving gifts in weddings. I could find tons of them but all of them were selling same paper quality kaghaz envelopes. I wanted something with good quality, something with hard card, something which feels premium and luxurious - when i give it to someone - that person should feel special. Thats when i decided to launch my own private brand for customized name printed envelopes with great designs, different size envelopes and great quality.

Since then we have launched multiple designs in money envelopes category. We have introduced floral envelopes for weddings, kids envelopes, foil print envelopes, luxury envelopes, square size envelopes. We have also launched gift bags for various events including hajj and umrah tabaruk bags, first tooth bags, birthday bags. We have launched birth announcement bags and boxes, nikah bid boxes, shaadi cards.

Mashallah we have not looked back - every year we come up with more and more designs.

Previously we were only delivering all over Pakistan but now we have also started world wide deliveries. We have shipped a few envelopes to USA already this year and plan to sell more envelopes to different countries like canada, uk, dubai, saudia arabia and many more. And at the same time to build our presence bigger in Pakistan